Flat Holm Siren (1980)

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Author this sound : The Association of Lighthouse Keepers provides a forum for everyone interested in lighthouses, lightships and aids to navigation from : Flat Holm Siren (1980).

The Foghorn on Flat Holm Island is silent
The island of Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel can be accessed from South Wales by boat. A long way to travel just to look at a roof, but the island was also important in telecommunication history, as the world’s first radio transmission across water was made from here [1].

The Fog Horn Station
In 1908 a foghorn station was built. The powerful compressed air fog signal was installed in one building, whilst a cottage provided the keepers with extra accommodation. In 1929 the lighthouse became a rock station, the keepers previously having lived with their families in two cottages at the base of the lighthouse tower. These buildings then became redundant and were demolished. In more recent years the lighthouse was manned by two sets of three keepers, each working one month on the lighthouse followed by one month ashore [2].