Foghorn requiem at Souter

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Foghorn requiem at Souter

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A requiem for the foghorn, performed by seventy five brass players, a foghorn and an armada of ships

A project by Danish artist, Lise Autogena, in collaboration with Joshua Portway and composer Orlando Gough. Ships horns from an armada of vessels off-shore, seventy five brass players on-shore and the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn performed a Foghorn Requiem, an ambitious musical performance to mark the disappearance of the sound of the foghorn from the UK’s coastal landscape.

Conducted and controlled from a distance, ships at sea sounded their horns to a musical score, that will took into account landscape and the physical distance of sound. The performance took place by Souter Light House by South Shields, UK with 8-10.000 spectators and more than 50 ships off-shore.

More photos and sounds from the event

  • Sound of the Foghorn Requiem as the Souter Foghorn recorded by Sarah Angliss
  • There are some great photos from day on Sam Underwood’s site, including a particularly fine one where the Souter Lighthouse is reflected in the bell of one of the tubas (Sam is a musical hacker and tuba player).
  • Sound artist and radio producer Robin the Fog has also posted some great sounds from the day (sans tights), including his report for the BBC World Service.

Photo : "2013 Foghorn Requiem", from OYT North, 22 june 2013.